Sports Medicine

Like all athletes, our sporting dogs are extremely focussed, driving their bodies to the limits of physical performance whatever their discipline, be it agility, obedience or trialing. Athletes are known for having a higher pain tolerance which sees them continuing to train and compete despite tissue injury.

The SMART Referral Centre has emerged as a centre of excellence within the UK in the field of Canine Sports Medicine. Our reputation has been established through repeated success in returning patients to competition at the highest level both nationally and internationally.

Equally important in the field of sports medicine is the ability to prevent injury. This is achieved not only through personalised training programmes tailored to both the dog and the discipline but also through individualised feeding programmes and laboratory analysis to make sure that dogs are competing in peak physical condition.

A successful athlete must be nurtured from birth. That’s why here at the SMART Referral Centre we offer fitness assessments for all stages of puppy growth and development. In this way each pup can develop into a well balanced and healthy adult with strong bones, healthy joints and well conditioned muscles, tendons and ligaments ready to take on any sporting challenge.

  • Many handlers have reaped the benefit of our Fitness Assessments.
  • We tailor training programmes to meet each dog’s needs
  • We can help maintain peak performance throughout the season.
  • Come and see us in our mobile clinic at a variety of Agility shows