Ronnie the puppy cooking up a media storm

Staff members from Croeso Veterinary Hospital in Cardiff have taken this (approx) 12 week old puppy and sought help from us at the Smart Clinic.

He has carpal flexural deformity, which is mainly caused by inadequate nutrition. His wrists were constantly held in flexion making it impossible to place them to the ground to walk

We started a regime of heat therapy, passive stretching, passive range of motion exercises, acupuncture and aquatic treadmill walking and after just 3 weeks of treatment he is well on his way to recovery and able to walk and frolic around-he will need to continue to wear his carpal supports in the medium term

Last Thursday, James who is a reporter from the Wales on Sunday, came to report on his story-little did we know that by the following day his story would be covered in tht enational press including the daily express, mail and mirror!.....

Some of the coverage in the National papers is somewhat inaccurate-we have been doing passive stretches, an accepted physiotherapy technique, not doggy yoga. Also Tamsin O'Brien is still soley working here at the Smart Veterinary Clinic.

But to end, we would like to say that in a time when there are so many upsetting news stories, it is great for Ronnie and the Smart Team to be part of an uplifted one:-) x