October 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Lolly Roberts

Lolly has been attending the Smart Clinic since July of this year. She was first referred to us to address her 12 month history of hind limb discomfort and stiffness post exercise accompanied by intermittent episodes of acute and severe pain.

When we first met Lolly she moved with a stiff, stilted hind limb gait pattern. She also displayed a very forward bias to her centre of gravity. She was very uncomfortable throughout her back and strongly resented palpation of her lumbosacral spine. She also had sciatic pain in both hind legs.

Initially our aim with Lolly was to reduce the profound muscle spasm present throughout her lumbar region. This would then in turn hopefully reduce the amount of sciatic pain present. At the same time we hoped to increase her abdominal muscle tone which would in turn support her back. As Lolly was also carrying a bit of extra weight we aimed to manage this alongside her rehabilitation to hopefully improve her progress.

We started seeing Lolly weekly to start with and used a combination of acupuncture, water  treadmill sessions and therapeutic exercises (performed at home as well as at the clinic) to achieve the above. We also started a weight management diary with the owner and changed Lolly’s diet to a more calorie controlled food to try and achieve the desired weight loss.

Initially, although the spasm and discomfort through Lolly’s back improved, she still displayed lameness when moving and struggled to gain any improvement in her exercise tolerance. Following the first few weeks of treatment following this pattern we introduced Amantadine medication and the use of a Trans Spinal Electro Stimulator to help manage her pain.

This made a huge difference to Lolly’s pain levels and even just a few visits later she was much freer in her movement and able to cope with small incremental increases in her exercise. Coupled with this she had started to achieve good results with her weight loss and was showing a general improvement in her body condition.

Now, Lolly is visiting the clinic once a month and is continuing to do well. Her playful character has started to immerge more and more and she is generally a much happier dog. She still has a little bit of weight to lose but we are confident with continued improvement with her exercise tolerance this won’t be too difficult to achieve. Well done Lolly smiley