Oct 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Bryn Gifford

Bryn, a 1 year 5 month old German Shepherd, started coming to see us at the clinic during the middle of August this year after being diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia.

At his first appointment it was evident that he was very painful and found it difficult to move from different positions with out causing discomfort. He was on fairly strong pain relief medication and his diet had become very difficult to manage as his appetite had deminished since the onset of his lameness.

We started him on a treatment protocol that included regular water treadmill and acupuncture sessions, therapeutic exercises at home to correct the compensatory mechanisms that had been introduced over time, heat packing, supplementation and dietary management.

Bryn responded amazingly to all of the above and has since progressed incredibly quickly with his rehabilitation programme. When he first came to the clinic he was a quiet, slightly depressed adolescent-now he is a very playful, rather cheeky young dog who is happy to take on anything we throw at him. He is now off all his pain medication and continuing to improve every time we see him! It is always a pleasure to see him bounding through the door ready to take us on-well done Bryn