Thanks, Willow and Family

Thank you to all the staff who have treated and cared for Willow-he will be back after the next leg op!

Gemma Osmond

I had been recommended the clinic from friends with dogs who had quite serious mobility problems that they'd helped sort out”

Reuben Howe

I would like to thank the staff at The Smart Clinic for making my leg better-my walks are now lovely.  


Pets Age: 
3 year old
Pet Type: 
Male, Border Collie
Strain of the iliopsoas muscle
Acupuncture, physiotherapy, and ultrasound

Turf first presented at the SMART Clinic in July 2011. Although he had competed successfully in 2010, his performance had deteriorated and subsequently he started to limp on both hind legs. Jayne, his owner, had developed a good working relationship with Turf since he was a pup and recognised immediately that something was wrong, despite the fact that he remained extremely keen to work. A visit to her local veterinary surgeon failed to identify the source of his lameness and he responded poorly to the conventional remedy of rest and pain killing medication.

Sian Baker - RVN/Practice Manager

Sian qualified from the University of Bristol in 2006 with 2:1 degree in Veterinary Nursing and Practice Admi