Zola Shearing

Pets Age: 
4 year old 4 months
Pet Type: 
Female Neutered, Greyhound

At the time of writing, Zola is a 4 year 4 month old, female neutered, Greyhound. She started attending the Smart Clinic in October 2013 and has had 10 appointments over 2.5 months to date.Her presenting sign was that she showed an on-going low grade left fore lameness. This had been un-responsive to Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory treatment (Meloxicam). The lameness first materialised in June 2013 following a very active beach holiday and may have coincided with a fall on the beach which included an awkward landing.

January 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Hector Probert

Hector, a 6 year 4 month old Male Neutered Lhasa Apso, started coming to see us at the Swansea clinic in September 2013.

SMART CLINIC CLIENT EVENING SEMINAR-The growing dog- from conception to athlete

Wednesday, March 26, 2014 - 19:30

We will be following a dog’s development starting from conception to young puppyhood and then through the months until maturity. Topics to be discussed will include:-

Jacqui Simmons

Thank you all for what you have done for Mitzi, now she can run and play with the other dogs. THANK YOU

Winston Smith

Pets Age: 
10 year old
Pet Type: 
Male, German Shepherd
Fibrocartilaginous Embolism

Winston is a 10 year old Male White German Shepherd Dog. He started to have mobility problems earlier this year in the form of bilateral hip and stifle osteoarthritis. In mid-August he became acutely paraplegic. After 24 hours a degree of left hind function had recovered but he continued to be monoplegic in the right hind. Poor core stability and his concurrent degenerative joint disease lead to inability to recruit his hind limbs into a functional gait pattern.  His owner had invested in a hind limb cart and had started to take him out in this.

Nov 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Winston Smith

Winston, a 10 year 3 month old Neutered Male German Shepherd Dog, was referred to us at the end of August.

Rum and Coke Keenan

Thank you so much for making be better, Thought I would show you my brother 
Have lovely Xmas lots love Coke

Oct 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Bryn Gifford

Bryn, a 1 year 5 month old German Shepherd, started coming to see us at the clinic during the middle of August this year after being diagnosed with

Sep 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Stitch Davies
Stitch Davies

Stitch, a 3 year old male pug cross,  has been coming to the clinic as a day patient since having spinal surgery at the Weighbridge Referral Centre

August 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Ruby McLaren
Ruby Sunbathing

Ruby, a 5 year old female neutered miniature dachshund, sunbathing