September 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Baloo Williams

Baloo, a  6 Year 5 Month Old Crossbreed, has only recently started attending the Smart Clinic but we wanted to share his story because we are so pl

August 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Carlisle Payne

July 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Stella Nicholls

Stella, a 14 year 11 month old Terrier, first started coming to the clinic in the January of this year.

BSAVA working with BVRSMA Webinar Acute pain – 10 things you never knew. Presented by Gwen Covey Crump

Date Attended: 
Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Lowri, Tamsin and Sian all attended the above webinar to refresh their knowledge of specific areas of pain management. They will also be attending the sister webinar on chronic pain this coming September

Kayleigh Gulliford

A massive thank you to the amazing staff at the Smart Clinic. You have helped Febee become the fit, young dog she deserves to be. After becoming intermittently lame after the agility season last year I really didn't know what to do. The treatments and exercise plan you provided us has worked wonders. She's the fittest ever and proved it by winning grade 1agility (twice within a month!). I love seeing her enjoying life again, thank you!!!



June 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Buster and Juliet Evans, 11 year old CKCS

This month we have a double whammy with Buster and Juliet our brother and sister duo smiley

May 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Jessie Jenkins

Rizzle Finch

Pets Age: 
21 month old
Pet Type: 
Male neutered, Boxer cross

Rizzle first presented to the Smart Clinic in March this year. Right fore lameness had been noted in early January and signs had waxed and waned with only temporary response to periods of rest. Radiographic and CT findings were consistent with bilateral elbow dysplasia with a fragmented coronoid process on the right. The CT imaging also showed signs of right biceps tendon pathology. He had seen an orthopaedic specialist who felt that arthroscopic assessment may be required with a view to surgery. The decision was made to try rehabilitation before proceeding with this.

April 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Smarti Jones

Smarti, a , 4 year 5 month old female Border Collie, first started coming to the clinic in the August of last year.

International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic Postgraduate Advanced Animal Chiropractic Course: Emphasis on the Neck

Tamsin attended this course near Hamburg for the first weekend in March. It was a great opportunity to discuss cases with fellow veterinary chiropractors from all over Europe, to fine-tune skills and to discover additional techniques that can be employed in unusual cases.She meets with her fellow veterinary chiropractors for these educational events twice per year.