March 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Sandy Malcolm

Sandy, an 11 Year 4 Month Old Female Golden Retriever, was first referred to us in January of this year with a history of deteriorating hind limb f

February 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Miah Appleby

Miah, a 7 Year 3 Month Old Female Neutered Springer Spaniel, was first referred to the Smart Clinic in December 2014 for treatment of her right hin

January 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Blaze, Bertie and Jeeves Bingham

This month we wanted to share the story of three of our patients from the agility world-Blaze, Bertie and Jeeves- one miniature and two standard pa

Baloo Williams

Pets Age: 
6 year old
Pet Type: 
Boxer x Staffie

Doing well despite the fear’

Tracy Carter DVM BSc MRCVS

Tracy graduated from the Atlantic Veterinary College in 2014.

December 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Dylan Jenkins

Dylan, a 7 Year Old, Male, Border Collie, first started coming to the Smart Clinic in December 2014.

Bella Williams

Pets Age: 
4 year old
Pet Type: 
Female neutered German Shepherd dog
Lateral Meniscal Issues

Two interesting cases involving stifles

As veterinary practitioners, we all see multiple cases of stifle disease in one form or another every day. They all respond to treatment differently. Two cases have stood out as unusual recently:


1) Bella

Llani Roxburgh

Pets Age: 
3 years old
Pet Type: 
Domestic short hair
Psychogenic alopecia

Looking back over the summer, Llani is a really good example of how responsive cats can be to acupuncture. She first presented in May this year. She had experienced military dermatitis triggered by a flea bite in February and although this had been addressed and her skin was no longer inflamed, she continued to over-groom. Her owners felt that some building work that was happening at home may have been contributing to her behavior.

November 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Della John

Della John a  9 Year 8 Month Old Neutered Female Cocker Spaniel

October 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Lolly Roberts

Lolly has been attending the Smart Clinic since July of this year.