International Academy of Veterinary Chiropractic Postgraduate Advanced Animal Chiropractic Course: Emphasis on the Extremities

Date Attended: 
Friday, October 30, 2015

Tamsin attended this course near Hamburg for the last weekend in October. It was a great opportunity to discuss cases with fellow veterinary chiropractors from all over Europe, to fine-tune skills and to discover additional techniques that can be employed in unusual cases. She meets with her fellow veterinary chiropractors for these educational events twice per year.

February 2016

Pet of the Month: 
Valli the Indian Elephant

“Dear Lowri, do you treat large animals?” was the relatively innocuous email that I received from Cath at Carmarthen Veterinary Centre one autumn m

January 2016

Pet of the Month: 
Tiger Lloyd

Tiger Lloyd, a Male Irish Wolfhound, is one of the biggest patients we see here at the Smart Clinic and everybody, staff and clients, loves seeing

December 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Bento Harding

Bento, a 6 Year 2 Month Old Male Neutered Miniature Dachshund, was first referred to the Smart Clinic in October of this year following Spinal Surg

RVC-Advanced nutrition for nurses 2016

Date Attended: 
Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sian is currently attending the Advanced nutrition for nurses course offered by the RVC. Topics include how diets can help animals with various problems, updates on nutritional therapies, and getting the most out of weight loss clinics.

November 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Bella Richardson

Bella, a 7 Year Old Female Yorkshire Terrier, first started coming to the Smart Clinic in June of 2014 with a suspected partial tear of her right c

October 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Dudley Binfield

Dudley , a 5 Year 3 Month Old, Male, Springer Spaniel, first began attending the Smart Clinic at the end of July this year.

September 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Penny Best

Penny, a 1 Year 10 Month Old Female Neutered Boxer,  first starting coming to the Smart Clinic in March of this year.

August 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Bella Atkinson

Bella, a 10 Year 5 Month Old Female Neutered Labrador, is somewhat of an old timer at the Smart Clinic, excluding a brief spell living on the other