Sibylle Kuonen DrMedVet MRCVS

Sibylle graduated from the Veterinary faculty of the University of Zurich, Switzerland in 2003.

June 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Molly Andrews 2 Year 3 Month Old Female Lurcher

Molly was referred to the Smart Clinic in March of this year for rehabilitation following repair of a neck fracture that had occurred when Molly su

Louis Dyer

Pets Age: 
5 yrs
Pet Type: 
Male French Bulldog
Thoracolumbar disk extrusion

Louis presented 12 months following surgery to manage a Thoracolumbar disk extrusion. Louis had not walked since the surgery and had developed extensive pressure sores over his pelvis and both hind legs. His bladder function was compromised and he would dribble urine constantly.
Before starting rehabilitation, Louis’s wounds were swabbed to ascertain which bacterial organisms were present in order to start appropriate antibiotic therapy. His urine was also tested for signs of infection.

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May 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Lola Davies 6 Year Old Female Neutered Miniature Dachshund

Lola really is one of the most remarkable cases we have treated in the clinic this year.

April 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Tommy Rogers. 3 Year Old Male Neutered German Shepherd Dog

Tommy has been attending the Smart Clinic since December 2016 for rehabilitation following TPLO surgery on his left hind. 

June Conlon

Thank you so much for all you have done for Nell since her accident. It is such a joy to see her restored to her happy, athletic and slightly quirky self! All due to your multi skills at the clinic, and your always available support and advice over the telephone. 

We cannot thank you enough!

March 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Bailey Davies

Bailey Davies 10 Year 5 Month Old Labrador Retriever

Alice Coppock - Animal Technician

Alice joined the team in November 2016. After working in retail for many years she decided to pursue her dream of working with animals.

February 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Shadow Purcey

Shadow has been attending the Smart Clinic for treatment since the beginning of August last year.