March 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Benji O’Rourke

Benji, a 3 year 5 month old Shih Tzu, will be a recognisable face to most of our clients-he has been coming to the clinic as a day patient since October last year and has become a firm favourite with everyone. He was referred to us from Langford Veterinary Services for rehabilitation following spinal surgery.

We first saw Benji a month after surgery at which point he was still very weak in his hind limbs and was taking the predominance of his weight through his front legs. As Benji also has a deformity in the carpal joints of his front legs this was less than ideal.

Our main aim with his rehabilitation was to get him starting to recruit his hind limbs effectively to help build muscle mass and tone and distribute his weight more evenly. At first Benji struggled to control his movement and coordination during his sessions at the clinic but it wasn’t long before we started seeing improvements in his core stability. His gait pattern improved with each visit and his posture greatly improved as his core strength built up, helping to take the strain off his back.

He had a slight set back at the start of the year when he became weak on his back legs at home again but following treatment at the clinic no further problems were detected and Benji has been progressing well ever since!

He is now only visiting the clinic for maintenance check-ups and we are hopeful that it won’t be long until we are able to sign him off completely…..although everyone will obviously miss seeing his cheeky little face! Well done Benji smiley