February 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Ben and Gracie Bassett

Ben and Gracie Bassett: 5 year 5 month old Male Newfoundland, 7 year 10 month old Female Newfoundland

This Newfoundland duo have come on remarkably since started their rehabilitation programmes at the Smart Clinic.

Ben was first to be referred to us back in the September of last year with a history of elbow osteoarthritis that was contributing to an ongoing R fore lameness-diagnostics had also shown evidence of Hip Dysplasia and Spondylosis.

Gracie was then referred to us in the November of last year with similar problems in her back and hind limbs, that were investigated when it was noted that she was having difficulty getting in to and out of her owners car. 

Both starting visiting the clinic once weekly for a combination of acupuncture, water treadmill, physiotherapy and therapeutic exercises and, aside from a period when Ben was also diagnosed with Megaoesophagus, both responded very well to the rehabilitation management.

A definite turning point with their mobility has been particularly noticeable in the last 2 months, with Ben in particular starting to thrive in his new found fitness-so much so that he now bumps poor Gracie out of his path to be first in the treadmill during their sessions!

They are both such loveable characters and always so much fun to see at the clinic, we are so happy that they have responded so well. It does mean we don’t get to see them as often as we can now reduce their visit frequency but we will look forward to their very warm welcome whenever they come for their appointmentssmiley