January 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Hector Probert

Hector, a 6 year 4 month old Male Neutered Lhasa Apso, started coming to see us at the Swansea clinic in September 2013. He was referred to the SMART Clinic following consultation at Weighbridge Referral Centre for an inability to weight bear on either hind leg, possibly associated with bilateral cruciate ligament rupture.

Hector had become progressively less mobile over the previous two years which had in turn lead to him becoming obese, weighing 12.8kg.

When we first saw him at the clinic he was unable to support his own weight on his back legs and moved around by dragging his body with his front legs.

We started a fairly intensive rehabilitation programme with him that involved him staying at the clinic as a day patient, twice a week initially. The focus was on helping him to develop muscle to provide functional joint stability whilst managing his nutrition to achieve the necessary weight loss.

Although his progress was slow to start, as Hector could be quite a stubborn character when it came to encouraging him to use his legs or change his food, in the last couple of months he has made a massive improvement. He is now walking around independently and is even able to negotiate steps and small slopes without a problem. His weight has also progressively improved and he now weighs 11.3kg.

Due to the joint instability that is present in Hector’s knees he is now scheduled to revisit Weighbridge next week with a view for surgery-something that would not have been possible 4 months ago. We are hopeful that with his increased strength and steady weight loss he will make a good recovery and soon be back on his feet and reluctantly heading in to work out with us here!

He is such a fun little character and we are so pleased with how far he has come! Good luck Hector, we will see you soon!