Nov 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Winston Smith

Winston, a 10 year 3 month old Neutered Male German Shepherd Dog, was referred to us at the end of August. He had been receiving on going treatment at his firstline vet for severe osteoarthritis of his hips and stifles when he went acutely off his hind limbs-after which the left hind improved with treatment but the right had remained non-functional. A fibrocartilaginous embolism was suspected.

When he first presented to us he was not able to walk unassisted and his owner had been using a cart at home to facilitate with getting him out and moving around. He did however have some movement returning in his right hind although he could not bear weight through it. Although movement and placement of the left hind was much stronger, due to a complete lack of core tone, overall hind limb proprioception and his underlying hip pathology he could not walk unassisted on three legs.

Winston started a rehabilitation programme with us that involved a combination of twice weekly water treadmill sessions, acupuncture and home therapeutic exercises and physiotherapy. He showed a great improvement within the first couple of weeks of treatment and it wasn’t long before his right hind movement also started to improve and he was able to walk unassisted for short periods.

Since this point he has continued to steadily improve with each visit and has become a firm favourite at the clinic. Thanks to his owner’s hard work and commitment to his rehabilitation regime he no longer requires a cart to help him get around but bounds in to the clinic ready for work smiley