Sep 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Stitch Davies
Stitch Davies

Stitch, a 3 year old male pug cross,  has been coming to the clinic as a day patient since having spinal surgery at the Weighbridge Referral Centre in August of this year.

When he first presented at the clinic he had no voluntary movement in either hind limb. He was able to stand with assistance but had no awareness of where his feet were being placed in space (proprioceptive awareness).  Examining Stitch was quite difficult during his first consultation as he was very weary of veterinary treatment following a traumatic experience at a previous veterinary surgery. We were able to determine that he did have conscious awareness of his hind limbs when they were being palpated.

Stitch started coming to the clinic twice weekly as a day patient to start a rehabilitation programme that would help him regain the neuro-muscular recruitment in his hind limbs, through a combination of acupuncture, massage, proprioceptive exercises and hydrotherapy.

During this time Stitch became more and more at ease with the treatments that were carried out by the staff during his visits and starting to thoroughly enjoy his hydrotherapy sessions.

Although he has only been coming to the clinic for a short while his improvement has already been impressive-highlighting the dedication shown by his owners during his rehabilitation programme. He is now walking unassisted in the treadmill and has a lot more control and strength in his hind limbs.

He continues to come in as a day patient once a week at present but we are hopeful that it won’t be too long before we are reducing these visits further.

He has been a delight to treat as he is such a little character and we are so pleased he has done so well so quickly. Well done Stitch smiley