July 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Joey Harrison
Joey Harrison: Enjoying our rare summer sunshine

Joey, a  9 years 5 month old male Golden Retriever, enjoying our rare summer sunshine.

Joey has been coming to the smart clinic since the middle of January this year. He was initially referred to us for assessment of weakness in his hind limbs coupled with a decrease in exercise tolerance. Added to this he had also been previously diagnosed with Epilepsy and Hypothyroidism.

When Joey first presented at the clinic another health problem became apparent………..his weight. At just over 50kg he was obese and this extra weight was putting additional strain on his joints. This weight gain was in main due to the effects of his hypothyroidism and other associated side effects caused by the medication used to manage his epilepsy. At his very first session it was clear that this weight gain was contributing to his severe exercise intolerance.

At this first visit we started a weight management diary for Joey with his owners, who were keen to try and manage his weight in line with his rehabilitation. We changed Joey’s diet and cut out all treats and tit bits, using instead healthier treat options such as carrots and ice cubes.

After a slow start, as we had to switch Joey over to the new diet very slowly due to problems with vomiting, it wasn’t long before we were seeing a consistent improvement in both Joey’s weight, body condition and exercise tolerance.

Now, 6 months in to Joey’s treatment, he is a much slimmer 42.9kg and is going from strength to strength with his mobility and exercise tolerance. We still have a little way to go until we reach his ideal weight but we are so pleased with the progress he has made and all the hard work his owners have put in to help him reach this point! Well done Joey!

Joey before:








Joey now: