June 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Jake Britton
Pet of the month June 2013

Back in December last year, before we had our pet of the month page up and running, we introduced you to our “pet of the moment” Jake Britton.  Jake first started coming to the clinic to be treated for mobility issues relating to two previous cruciate rupture injuries and subsequent surgeries but one of his major problems was his weight-at 39.4kg he was carrying more than a few extra pounds. When we first put Jakes story on our news pages he had successfully slimmed down to 34.9kg but  still had some weight to lose before reaching his target………..he has since achieved this goal!

Jake is now a fit and healthy 32.2Kg, a weight he has managed to maintain for the last 3 months! We are so pleased with the progress he has made-it now just means we have to miss him a little bit more as his visits to the clinic are becoming less and less frequent-well done Jake.