November 2016

Pet of the Month: 
Leo Phillips

Leo, a 4 Year 6 Month Old Male Neutered Domestic Shorthair, has not been coming to the Smart Clinic for long, having been referred at the start of October this year, but he has already shown a great amount of improvement and it is always nice to shine a light on our feline patients!:-) 

Leo was referred to us to address a general reduction in mobility and poor balance and co-ordination of several months duration. He also had bilateral luxating patelli, with the left hind being worst affected.

At his first appointment Leo’s owner’s report of his movement was interpreted as being careful and measured with a heavy dependence on forelimb activity to pull himself up rather than using hind limb power. At this first visit Leo moved around the consult room with stifles and hocks hyper flexed and on occasion would fall into a plantigrade stance, he struggled to activate his quadriceps musculature and extend his hip and stifle joints. On palpation extensive atrophy of the hind limb musculature was present affecting all muscle groups and although the patelli appeared to be correctly located, they would dislocate with ease.

Following this first appointment and assessment Leo was given a home exercise/play regime which we were hopeful his owners would be able to instigate with him, targeted at improving his general movement and core control. Alongside this we began to see Leo twice weekly at the clinic for treadmill sessions to aid in his gait training and improve his general muscle mass and tone. Like most cats he was not overly keen on his treadmill work but was always so good for us while in the treadmill!

Now, only five weeks in to his treatment Leo has shown significant improvement! His owner’s report that at home he is more willing to play and is beginning to show more jumping prowess-something which he has not done before! His general mobility has greatly improved and he now has better muscle mass and tone in his hindlimbs. His patelli are also less inclined to dislocate and the quality of joint motion has improved.

We are now seeing Leo once weekly and are confident that now his general mobility has improved along with the ability to move more correctly he will continue to progress at a significant rate.  Leo is such a lovely, beautiful cat and we are so pleased with how quickly he has progressed! Well done Leo smiley