September 2016

Pet of the Month: 
Nelson Evans

Nelson, a 11 month old male neutered French Bulldog, was first referred to us back in July following femoral head and neck excision surgery on his right hind limb-an operation that was needed following a femoral head/neck fracture after a collision with another dog.

We first saw Nelson 10 days following his surgery at which point he was already doing quite well and bearing weight through his right leg. His wound had healed well and he head minimal compensatory discomfort through his neck and forelimbs. He did already show atrophy of the muscles in his right leg and was not using this limb appropriately so our main aims were to address this through appropriate therapeutic exercises and proprioceptive work to be carried out at home to support the treatment at the clinic.

After this first visit we were already quite hopeful that Nelson would progress well in his rehabilitation due to his get up and go nature-he definitely wanted to be back on his feet!

Within the first month Nelson already showed a big improvement-he was weight bearing much better through the right hind and was able to cope with longer walks and more advanced at home exercises aimed at further targeting muscle building through the right hind.

Now, just over 2 months later, we have already been able to reduce Nelson’s treatment frequency and he is coping with most pre-op exercise routines. In terms of his rehabilitation Nelson has been one of the most successful post femoral head and neck excisions patients we have treated and we are so pleased with how well he has done. He is such a loveable little character and we are so glad to see him back on his feet. Well done Nelson! smiley