August 2016

Pet of the Month: 
Slaney Sheridan

Slaney, a 1 Year 4 Month old Golden Retriever, was first referred to the Smart Clinic in April of this year to address an intermittent right hind lameness and subsequent diagnosis of hip dysplasia.

At his first appointment with us Slaney demonstrated poor control in movement, particularly in his hind limbs and was particularly boisterous when being walked on a lead. He also showed a suboptimal muscle mass and tone particularly through his back, chest, abdomen and hindlimb muscle groups.

We started Slaney on a rehabilitation programme to help establish a more functional gait pattern  as well as improve abdominal and pelvic control; in the hope that this would also address his right hindlimb lameness by limiting internal rotation of his hip and allowing greater hip extension. If this could be achieved then it would be possible to increase global muscle mass to assist in a shock absorption capacity and facilitate more appropriate load-bearing throughout Slaney’s joints. Slaney was also fitted with a no-pull harness to help re-gain a level of control over his walking and he seemed to respond well to using this in the clinic.

Following this first appointment we started seeing Slaney as a day patient at the clinic in order to be able to maximize our input with his rehabilitation. He progressed really well over the first six weeks and with his owners being dedicated as to his at-home exercises he was able to be taken on walks at regular intervals with no evidence of any lameness.

Within the last month Slaney has continued to go from strength to strength showing more endurance with his exercise and continuing to build muscle mass. He is now on a monthly schedule with his treatment frequency and if continued improvements are made we have no doubt it won’t be long before he is discharged.

Slaney is such a loveable character and his owners have worked really hard to make sure his rehabilitation was successful. We are so pleased he has had such a successful outcome. Well done Slaneysmiley