July 2016

Pet of the Month: 
Marley Blay

Marley, and 11 month old Male Labrador, was first referred to us at the Smart Clinic in April this year to address a ‘bunny-hopping’ gait associated with mild hip dysplasia. On first presentation his exercise tolerance was very poor and he showed a cranial bias to his gait pattern. His core stability and control were poor and he struggled with full extension of his hips particularly on the right, with slight atrophy and sciatica noted on this side.

At his first appointment we started a rehabilitation programme aimed at alleviating muscular spasm and facilitating the process of improving core and hind limb recruitment, particularly for the right hind. This involved using acupuncture and water treadmill work as part of the treatment plan, both of which Marley found highly exciting! At this first appointment Marley’s boisterous and energetic nature made completing these treatments rather challenging. These behaviours in part were a build-up of unspent energy due to his lack of exercise tolerance whilst still being a growing pup.

Now, only 4 months on, Marley is like a different dog, He currently walks for 20 minutes in the treadmill without fatiguing and during his last acupuncture session he remained calm and relaxed throughout and didn’t lose a single needle-the photos here serve as proof!:-)

Marleys progress so far showcases how small changes can make a big difference, especially in younger dogs with subtle issues. He is still the same happy puppy he was when we first met him back in April but he now has less unspent energy and more focus, which makes his rehabilitation much easier to achieve.

Marley above all is a lovely character and we are so pleased with how quickly he has shown improvements with the treatments he has received. Well done Marley smiley