June 2016

Pet of the Month: 
Sadie Rees

Sadie, a 9 Year 11 Month Old Female Neutered Labrador, has been attending the Smart Clinic since last December after being referred to us to address discomfort subsequent to hip osteoarthritis. Sadie’s owners first noticed a decline in her mobility one month prior to her first appointment with us, as demonstrated by a refusal to continue on walks and decreased ability to jump up. Introduction of pain relief medication did improve Sadie to an extent but did not restore her to normal activity.

Following her first visit with us at the clinic our aims with regards to her rehabilitation were to reduce discomfort associated with osteoarthritis of the hips and then improve her strength and endurance. We suspected that much of her fatigue on walks was due to her poor capacity for shock absorption through her joints and her inefficient gait pattern. Our initial aims were to increase spinal flexibility, increase proprioceptive awareness, and alleviate pain over the left hip; Sadie’s owners were sent home with a list of targeted physiotherapy exercises to assist us in achieving these goals.

The other contributing factor that was notable at this first appointment was Sadie’s weight-weighing 35.5kg, she was carrying ~5kg more than was ideal, so dietary advice alongside the rehabilitation plan was given and a new feeding regime implemented.

Sadie has responded so well to all of the above, with ongoing commitment from her owners to support her visits at the clinic and achieve the necessary weight loss, we were able to reduce the frequency of her visits fairly quickly and her body weight and shape improved every time we saw her. Now, just 6 months since starting her treatment, Sadie is a svelte 28.9kg and her owners have seen no reluctance to walk or any evidence of lameness at home. They have also been able to reduce her pain relief medication to a minimal dose without any adverse effects.

Sadie has been an absolute pleasure to treat at the clinic and we are all so pleased with how far she has come. It is not easy to get weight off a Labrador but Sadie…and her owners… have done incredibly wellsmiley  Well done!