April 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Rosie Probert

Rosie, a 5 Year 1 Month Old Female Labrador,  was first referred to the Smart Clinic at the beginning of February this year following trauma to the flexor tendons of both forelimbs sustained in a skiing accident, with the right fore being the worst affected. Previous to this injury Rosie had been a very fit and active dog (as can be seen by these pictures-swimming was a particularly favourite past time) but at the time of presentation she was only able to undertake short lead walks. When observed at her first appointment with us at the clinic she was reluctant to stand for any period of time and at the walk a stiff, stilted gait was adopted with a pronounced right fore lameness. At her initial presentation although the lacerations were superficially well healed the scar tissue in the left fore limb was tight and immobile, limiting movement of this limb. There was also marked effusion in the right forelimb and Rosie resented palpation of the distal aspects of this limb.

We started seeing Rosie twice weekly at the clinic initially so that we could intensely focus on releasing the scar tissue and regional fascia in both her forelimbs and encourage a more functional gait pattern through application of various physiotherapy techniques alongside therapeutic exercises at home.

Within just a few weeks Rosie had already started to show significant improvements. With respect to the left forelimb both scar tissue and regional fascia had been released and very little discomfort was observed on palpation and manipulation of the limb. There was also considerable improvement in the degree of swelling evident in the right forelimb. Rosie’s centre of gravity had moved forwards and she no longer tried to off load her forelimbs. At the walk she appeared significantly sounder and was more upright through the right fore. At this point we increased the length of her walks at home as well as introducing exercises such as gentle steps to promote movement through a greater range of motion.

Now, just over 3 months after starting treatment at the clinic Rosie has improved considerably. She is now able to have periods of off lead exercise with no ill effect and her movement through both forelimbs is much improved. As you can see from her impressive jumping at the beach recently she is well on the way to a full recovery! Rosie is such a lovely dog with such a zest for life-we are so pleased with how well she has responded to her treatment with us and for all the hard work her owners have done at home with her to return her to fitness. Well done Rosie smiley