January 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Blaze, Bertie and Jeeves Bingham

This month we wanted to share the story of three of our patients from the agility world-Blaze, Bertie and Jeeves- one miniature and two standard parti poodles. These three boys currently come to the clinic together for their monthly treatments and have recently all improved considerably and are maintaining their fitness really well. Below is just a little bit about each of their stories smiley

BLAZE:  (8 year old) Male Standard Parti Poodle

Blaze has been coming to the Smart Clinic since 2010 either to address specific problems affecting his performance in agility or simply to maintain/monitor his fitness during the agility season. His problem area is usually his back and typically, if he is having issues with his performance, a lot of paralumbar tension and pain is evident. Recently however he has been doing really well. His last two visits to the clinic have seen a definite improvement in his paralumbar muscle tension and he has worked extremely well in the water treadmill especially during his brief running sessions, showing off his improved endurance and control. He is such a lovely dog with a big personality and we love seeing this big softy doing so well.  Well done Blaze smiley


BERTIE: (6 year old) Male Miniature Parti Poodle

Bertie first starting coming to the Smart Clinic in 2011 after losing interest in agility and under performing in his training and competing.  Similarly to Blaze, his main problem appeared to be with his back. When he first visited the clinic he was very roached through his lumbar spine and was very reactive to palpation. Bertie responded well to initial treatment but still remained quite roached in his back and did not seem to regain a keen interest in agility during this initial treatment course-his response to treatment always seemed to follow this pattern.

It was in the middle of last year however that he showed a marked improvement once starting on a new pain medication called Gabapentin. He was much more comfortable on palpation, was much brighter in himself and showed a much improved interest in general activity. Since this point Bertie has continued to improve with every visit and is now matching Blaze and Jeeves with his 20 minute treadmill sessions. We are so pleased with how well he has done and how much happier he has been during his visits at the clinic. Well done Bertie smiley


JEEVES: (3 year old) Male Standard Parti Poodle

Jeeves was the newest addition to the Bingham group and started coming to see us in the June of 2013. He was first referred to us to address a right hind limb gait anomaly and, like Blaze and Bertie, at his first appointment it was evident that he was quite tense and reactive through his back. We started a rehabilitation programme focused on building his core strength and achieving a more even weight distribution through his hind limbs whilst addressing the tension in his paralumbar muscles. He responded really well to the treatment and after only 4 sessions was much improved and ready for agility. Unfortunately 6 months following this he fell off of the dog walk during agility and the problem with his right hind and back returned. Luckily he responded as before to treatment and with a combination of sessions at the Smart Clinic and appropriate exercise work by his owner at home it wasn’t long before he was back to monthly maintenance visits.  Now, as with Blaze and Bertie, he is doing really well and has also been doing some running work during his last couple of visits with us. We are hopeful that he will keep going from strength to strength throughout this agility season. Well done Jeeves smiley