December 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Dylan Jenkins

Dylan, a 7 Year Old, Male, Border Collie, first started coming to the Smart Clinic in December 2014. He was referred to us form Weighbridge Referral Centre after completely losing function in his hind legs whilst jumping for a tennis ball on the 8th December. He was given a very poor prognosis for ever walking again, as he had no deep pain sensation in either hind limb.

To give Dylan the best chance of recovery and response to treatment it was decided that we would keep him as an inpatient for the week to start an intensive course of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. At this point his prognosis remained guarded.

During that first week of treatment Dylan amazed us all with his response. By the middle of the week his conscious pain perception in both hind limbs had returned and some voluntary movement was present in both legs. By the end of this week he was consistently initiating movement with his back legs during his water treadmill sessions and was already attempting to stand unassisted. We couldn’t believe how well he progressed in such a short period of time.

The following week saw Dylan following suit and early in the week he was able to engage in a normal four beat gait pattern with placement of both hind limbs. By the end of the week he showed improved strength and endurance during his water treadmill sessions and when it came to heading home for Christmas he walked himself out of the clinic…..a bit of a Christmas miracle!

Since the New Year Dylan has been attending the clinic twice a week and is continuing to amaze us all with his progress. It is hard to believe that only four weeks ago it was doubtful as to whether he would ever walk again. He is such a lovely dog and has captured all our hearts, we are so pleased with how well he has done. Well done Dylan smiley