November 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Della John

Della John a  9 Year 8 Month Old Neutered Female Cocker Spaniel

Some of you may remember Della from June of last year and her smart story that was covered in the welsh press and of course on our website and facebook page. She was referred to us for treatment of a condition called Polyradiculoneuropathy and with intensive rehabilitation and physiotherapy she recovered from this condition within 7 weeks of first starting at the clinic.

Sadly Della again developed Polyradiculoneuropathy about 10 weeks ago-an occurrence we have not seen before in previous patients with the disease. We are pleased to say that despite already having to recover from this condition once before Della again has responded brilliantly to rehabilitation. She is now back on her feet-all be it reluctantly, as Della loves to be nursed-and visiting us just once a week to help rebuild the strength in her muscles and encourage her to start moving independently!

We are so pleased with Della and have enjoyed getting her back on her feet all over again-she is such an individual and her stubborn personality has kept us all smiling during her treatment. Well done Della smiley