Our Summer Round-up!

This Summer we once again set out to the shows to offer fitness assessments to
the hard working canine athletes of the agility world. We returned to the Wye
Valley Show in June and to the Kennel Club International Festival in August as
well as adding two new shows to our rota attending Tuffley AC Championship
& Open Agility Show and Clevedon Agility Show Society both in July.
We were delighted with the turn out at all the shows with the majority of our
appointment slots being snapped up during the first day of events! It was so
rewarding for us to assess so many dogs at all different stages of their agility
careers. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your
continuous support of The Smart Clinic and the work we do to try and improve
the fitness of our competing canines!
We will be attending more shows next year and also hope to add an Obedience
show in to the rota to hopefully see some of our Obedience champs in action as
well-more information to follow in the New Year!
To finish we would just like to share with you some of our stars at The Smart
Clinic that have done so well this Summer, it was a delight to get to see some of
you in action at the shows! Below are just some of them, with kind words from
their owners-
Bella has gone from Grade 1 to Grade 3 in KC this year! Also up from
Beginners to Novice in Steeplechase in UKA:-) Jo
Flint won into Grade 5 this year. Given that 3 1/2 years ago I wondered if he was ever going 
to do agility again, I'm really pleased and very proud! Jan 
At last I managed to get Kali to Grade 7 and it was while Smart was at Wye 
Valley show in May, previous to that Kali had lots of places in Gd 6 before 
finally winning 2 agility classes at this grade. Kali has also qualified for the 
Master's final at the UKA Grand Final show in November and also qualified for 
the CSJ Semi Final. I have also just run Kali in her 2nd Champ Class this 
weekend at Chippenham and we managed a clear in agility and just 1 pole ( the 
last Jump) in jumping so proud of my little girl and after her nasty accident with 
the tyre this year, I could not have done with out Smart, who were there to get 
her back to full fitness for me. Judith 
Indie started in grade 1 winning both her agility runs at the TAG easter show in 
Shrewsbury in April, she won out of grade 2 at Clevedon agility show in Bath 
in July by winning her agility class and getting a third jumping win. she won 
out of grade 3 at Blenheim agility show in Shrewsbury in September which was 
only her second ever grade 3 show and is going to have her grade 4 debut this 
weekend in Monmouth! 
We are very grateful to you all at the smart clinic for helping get indie to full 
fitness and strength. In the early days of indies agility competing career she 
always got faults for knocking poles down and now to of won into grade 4 is 
more than I ever imagined! Faye 
I'm delighted to say that Princess Razzle has been sound as a pound all season and 
working her little socks off. We finally managed to win a Grade 3 agility class a 
fortnight ago and so will be doing plenty of winter training to kick butt in Grade 4 
next year. Razz is due her 6 monthly check up in January so I'll see you just after new 
year. Best wishes and thanks to the fabulous Smart Clinic! Sharron 
Here is Finn showing off her wins at Weardale show in July, taking her to grade 
4! Judith 
Scandal has had an amazing year, starting with winning the first Olympia 
qualifier of the year in February, a 3rd in the Agility Championship Final at 
Crufts, winning her 5th CC in April so qualifying for Crufts 2015, also winning 
a Crufts Singles qualifier plus a 4th place so has qualified for Crufts 2015 in 
that too. In July we went over to Denmark and competed in a week long show, 
Dania Cup, where Scandal had numerous top 5 places, qualifying in top 
position for the end of week Finals, and ended up winning the final too! In 
August we qualified for the Olympia in the 6-7 event for the 3rd time, and then 
in September we competed at the FCI Agility World Championships, where 
Scandal and our teammates ended up with the Silver Medal in the team event! 
Scandal had two clear rounds in the team event placing her 12th and 15th, 
putting her into 7th place overall. 
Jed, our rescue Belgian Shepherd Malinois was treated by Lowri earlier this 
year, he has always been a very tense stressy dog, and Lowri gave him several 
sessions of acupuncture and water treadmill, plus on Lowri's advise we made 
some changes to Jed's diet. We have seen such a great change in him both 
behaviour-wise, he also moults much less and concentrates much more! Jed 
started the year in grade 4, and started the year off with a bang by winning the 
ABC Olympia qualifier in April. I then only did one more show with him in 
May, where he won the Crufts ABC 1-5 qualifier. June and Jed was on fire, 
winning the 3-5 Novice Olympia qualifier, thus making him grade 5 and 
qualifying the the Novice semis at the same time! He then had a 6 week break 
from agility, with his next show being the KC Festival, where he qualified for 
Olympia in the Novice class, and won grade 5 agility. The following week he 
also won another grade 5 agility, but I'd only entered one more show with him 
(Chippenham in October) so thought he would be in grade 5 going into next 
year. Well Jed thought otherwise, winning Grade 5 Agility, Grade 5 Jumping, 
and the Crufts ABC 1-5 qualifier all on the same day! Making him grade 6, and 
qualifying him for the semi finals for the ABC competition at Discover Dogs 
next month. This was Jed's first full season of competing, so I am chuffed with 
how he has done. 
Our working cocker spaniel Honey only competed at 3 shows at the start of the 
year, but did pretty well winning her 4th CC in April so qualifying for Crufts 
Thank you SMART for looking after my dogs so well. Scandal in particular has 
had a really busy year, but has looked fantastic for the whole year. She is now 
on a well earned break before we start our training in a month's time to get 
ready for Olympia! Charlotte 
Teek and I won Reserve championship Ticket at the KCI festival... Huge thank 
you to Lowri and all the team at Swansea Clinic for the help in rehabilitation 
and treatments with Teek. We are currently preparing for our next event......the 
UKA grand finals! Natalie 
Jake attends Swansea Clinic and is seen by Lowri for over 2 years now for muscle problems in his bad legs. After several months of treatment and follow up check ups he was passed fit last year but had a re-laps early this year. After being examined by Lowri who found his back legs in good condition and couldn't understand his resent re-laps, discovered that it was linked to another health problem. For several months he had been suffering from excessive bouts of diarrhea due to stomach infection and inflammation of the bowels. This was making him generally weaker and lethargic which effected his whole body including his weak back legs. After a change in diet and further treatment at Smart Clinic, Jake made a vast improvement. 
Jake continued to compete in obedience on and off during the season (pre & post illness) and has had a very successful year having won his first Novice and receiving several places. He has also qualified for OBEDIENCE CLASS CHAMPIONSHIPS November 2014 (we are also attending the CRUFTS TRY OUTS in Decembers, and are hoping for a place on the WELSH TEAM for Inter-regional Obedience Competition 2015, but we won't know if we have been successful until January) 
I have so much to thank Lowri and her team at Smart Clinic - she has truly gone above and beyond the call of duty in caring for Jake, and I am forever grateful. Many thanks, Chrissy 
Finch qualified for and competed in the Crufts Novice Cup semi finals at KCI. Unfortunately we got eliminated in the semis but very proud to have qualified. This weekend he won into grade 6 and also gained enough points for his KC agility warrant silver. Very proud of him, but we couldn't have done it without all the physio!!! Thanks, Rachel :-)


Febee came to Smart in January this year presenting with an intermittent lameness to her right foreleg. She had a thorough assessment, was put on a diet and we had lots of homework to begin her treatment. The results have been amazing! She is now the fittest she has ever been and is loving and living life to the fullest. The most remarkable difference has been seen in her agility performance. She won out of grade 1 at the end of June at Wraxall, which was my goal for the season achieved. She continued to amaze me by getting three jumping wins to grade 3 by the end of August and the icing on the cake was an agility win at Blackdown in September. Being grade 3 is something I never thought possible as not only did Febee struggle fitness wise but agility is incredibly distracting for her and her focus sometimes drifts. I'm looking forward to our exciting agility venture together and cannot thank Smart enough for working wonders on my girl, making her the fit, confident dog she deserves to be! Thank you-Kayleigh