September 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Baloo Williams

Baloo, a  6 Year 5 Month Old Crossbreed, has only recently started attending the Smart Clinic but we wanted to share his story because we are so pleased with how far he has come since starting his treatment with us-in more ways than one!

Baloo was first referred to us in August to address his left hind limb lameness that was suspected to be cruciate disease; he had previously had a cruciate tear in his right hind in 2011 which had been repaired surgically. Before he attended his first appointment with us Baloo unfortunately became completely lame on his left hind and from visiting his first line vets a cranial cruciate rupture was again diagnosed.

Aside from his obvious orthopaedic problems Baloo also has another issue that made his owner want to avoid any further surgery if possible-he is very fearfully aggressive. Following his previous surgery to repair the cruciate rupture in his right hind this behaviour worsened and his recovery was quite traumatic due to this. So his owner was hopeful that with a good response to physiotherapy we would be able to avoid a similar surgery being necessary for his left hind.

Due to Baloo’s severe fearful aggression it was very important that we were mindful of his behaviour at all times and that we allowed him enough time and space to feel comfortable in the environment. This was helped by his owner bringing him to the clinic a couple of times before his first appointment with us at the start of September to get him used to the journey and surroundings before introducing him to the clinic and the staff.

Due to the nature of Baloo’s behaviour problems a ‘hands off’ approach to his physiotherapy and rehabilitation was from taken from the start-which meant that a physical examination was not an option and our focus instead was on his gait evaluation and re-education. A full gait evaluation was undertaken at the first visit and we started Baloo on the water treadmill, performing very short sessions to begin with.

Although unsure to start with Baloo is now very happy coming in to the clinic for his treadmill sessions and his lameness has already really improved and with this the length of his sessions. On top of this he has even let Tamsin have a short stroke of him during his last couple of visits. He has come quite far in just a few weeks with both his lameness and his behaviour and we are all really pleased for him and his owner. Well done Baloosmiley