August 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Carlisle Payne

Carlisle Payne , a 2 year 6 month old  Domestic Shorthair Cat, first came to the Smart Clinic in May of this year. He had been involved in a road traffic accident at the beginning of April which had caused a fracture to the right side of his pelvis. Surgery was performed to repair the fractured site but following this Carlisle’s recovery was slower than anticipated and concerns grew over the long term mobility prospects of his right hind.

On his first visit to the clinic Carlisle was very nervous and tense which made gait analysis and palpation quite difficult. He did have atrophy of the muscles in the right hind and a moderate level of myofascial adhesion over the op-site that was contributing to a reduced passive range of right hip extension, affecting the mobility of the right hind.

A rehabilitation programme to include ultrasound, acupuncture and dry treadmill work was started with Carlisle with him initially visiting the clinic once a week. Interestingly both passive and dynamic right hip extension improved immediately following the application of these treatments during his first consultation.

Carlisle started to show pleasing progress within the first two weeks of his rehabilitation and although a degree of lameness was still present he had begun to use the right hind more affectively with a noticeable improvement in functional mobility. Following just 5 weeks of his treatment some outdoor activity could be introduced-much to Carlisle's pleasure 

Since this point Carlisle has continued to go from strength to strength and has now been discharged from the clinic-we are so pleased with how well he responded to the treatment, especially due to the nature of his injuries and the initial prognosis over the function of his right hind. Well done Carlisle