July 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Stella Nicholls

Stella, a 14 year 11 month old Terrier, first started coming to the clinic in the January of this year. She was referred to us after exhibiting marked weakness of both her hind limbs following a walk. An MRI had revealed chronic disc protrusions with multiple disc degeneration. Due to Stella’s age and clinical presentation it was decided that conservative management in the form of rehabilitation was the most appropriate plan of action.

We started Stella on a weekly schedule of visits during which time we treated her with a combination of acupuncture, water treadmill sessions and therapeutic exercises to be continued at home to help reduce her pain and increase her mobility.

To start with Stella had a very variable response to her rehabilitation, initially improving but then becoming weaker again on her hind limbs with worsened toe scuffing and painful reactions to palpation. For this reason we did introduce some medication to help reduce her pain responses, specifically nerve pain.

Over the next 6 weeks Stella then showed steady signs of improvement, although she still occasionally toe scuffed and was still reactive during palpation this was much reduced. It was not long before she was able to be maintained without medication and her exercise tolerance began to improve.

Stella is now on monthly maintenance visits and continuing to maintain her mobility well. She is much happier receiving her treatments and continues to perform well during her water treadmill sessions….much to her dissatisfaction!

We are so pleased with how well Stella has done and are hopeful that she continues to maintain her current condition-old dog, new tricks-easysmiley Well done stella!