June 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Buster and Juliet Evans, 11 year old CKCS

This month we have a double whammy with Buster and Juliet our brother and sister duo smiley

They have both progressed so well with their rehabilitation in a relatively short space of time and have achieved amazing weight loss results alongside these improvements!

Juliet was the first to be referred to us at the clinic in March of this year following long term issues with her mobility that had recently resulted in an obvious forelimb lameness. Many different treatment options had been attempted previously to help with her already abnormal hind limb gait but none with very much long term success. The chronicity of the changes contributing to her mobility issues coupled with the loss of a functional range of motion in multiple joints made developing a treatment plan extremely challenging. Our aim was to shift Juliet’s centre of gravity backwards in order to offload the left forelimb and reduce tissue inflammatory changes at that site. This was dependent however on the hind limbs being able to adapt to the increased load.

She started attending the clinic weekly for a combination of acupuncture, water treadmill work and physiotherapy which alongside a home therapeutic exercise routine helped to slowly achieve the above, improving core strength and control and greatly improving her mobility.


Buster was then referred to us at the end of April following surgery to repair a cranial cruciate rupture of his right hind leg. He also had osteoarthritic changes in most of his distal limb joints, and although his gait was compromised, prior to this recent injury, Buster was relatively active and keen to exercise. Buster is also diabetic and following surgery and the need for antibiotic therapy for a post-operative infection, his owners had found it difficult to maintain his blood sugars within the normal ranges.

On presentation to us Buster would not use his right hind leg at all and found it very difficult to establish a functional gait pattern even with assistance in the water treadmill. He also showed considerably lack of proprioceptive awareness in the limb during his first visit.

We started an intensive rehabilitation programme with him including twice weekly water treadmill sessions alongside acupuncture, ultrasound, soft tissue release work, continued antibiotic therapy and the use of anti-inflammatories. Within 10 days Buster was already much better and consistently weight bearing on the right hind at home. 

We continued this intensive programme for another two weeks during which time Buster continued to improve, becoming much less painful, happier to weight bear through the leg and showing greater proprioceptive awareness. He is now on a weekly sessions and we are hopeful his current progress will continue.