May 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Jessie Jenkins

Jess, a 5 year 3 month old Female Cross Breed, only started coming to the Swansea Clinic in the April of this year but has shown such good progress already up to this point that we wanted to share her story. 

At the start of April Jess was unfortunately attacked by another dog resulting in a severe cruciate ligament injury which then needed surgical repair performed two days later. She presented to us at here at the clinic nearly 2 weeks later at which point she was completely lame on her leg and had already become very dependent on her forelimbs in order to avoid using it.

We started an intensive rehabilitation programme with Jess which involved visiting the clinic twice a week initially for water treadmill sessions in order to encourage her to start using the leg appropriately again-something she really wasn’t very fond of at the time!

In the first instance her improvement was slight and on occasion’s inflammation around the operation site worsened. After a couple of weeks of this continued pattern we discussed the option of referral to a specialist orthopaedic surgeon if no improvement was seen by the next visit.

Jess must have heard the conversation as by the following week she showed a marked improvement in function, inflammation and demeanour!
Since this point on Jess has gone from strength to strength and is even seeming to start enjoying her water treadmill sessions too! We are so pleased with how far she has come in such  short space of time and hope that her progress continues-well done Jess smiley