May 2015

Pet of the Month: 
Daisy May Roberts

Daisy ,a  6 Year 1 Month Old, Female Neutered, Bichon Frise, first started coming to the Smart Clinic only 5 weeks ago, for rehabilitation following acute onset of tetraplegia which occurred in the morning on 11th May. MRI took place that day and findings were consistent with a left biased type III disc extrusion or an FCE at the level of C3-4.

When she first presented to us at the clinic she had already started to show signs of improved limb function so we were cautiously optimistic of a return to mobility with the appropriate rehabilitation.

We started to see Daisy as a day patient twice a week so that low intensity but frequent physiotherapy sessions could take place.

Her response has been remarkable. She quickly started to adapt to a near normal gait pattern in all but her left forelimb and her core control and proprioceptive awareness improved very quickly. Since, the function of her left fore has also improved and she now walks in to the clinic and happily carries out her physiotherapy sessions in the treadmill with minimal assistance.

She is such a lovely little dog, with a big personality and we are so happy with how far she has come in such a short space of time, especially considering her diagnosis. We are still seeing Daisy May at the clinic to fine tune her mobility but she comes on leaps and bounds every week! Well done Daisy May smiley

"Word from the owners"

Daisy had her spinal injury on the 11th of May 2015.

She attended Langford's vets on that day. She stayed only a short time of  two nights which surprised us. Daisy was sent home not being able to stand and we just didn't have a clue how to help our special little girl. We had heard about The Smart Clinic from a young girl at Pets at Home in Talbot Green on the 13th. We arrived for an assessment on the 14th of May with hope in our hearts that there would be something you could do for her as she was unable to stand at this time.

Tamsin was our ray of sunshine, when in her words she said "we will get her walking". This was the first time that we had hope of any kind of recovery.

From the fist day Daisy has been amazing. I persistently did small exercises at home that you advised. looks like they paid off.  Every day Daisy has come home absolutely shattered. Sleeps all night and then ready for more exercise the next day. Daisy loves coming to clinic this you can see when we arrive at the door. Daisy is just about back to her happy playful self again.

Her rehabilitation has been down to all the staff at the clinic. You are truly amazing at your jobs. Every one who we have met with their pets at the clinic have the same feelings as us you truly are amazing .
We are forever in your debt . Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Dawn and Graham Roberts