Llani Roxburgh

Pets Age: 
3 years old
Pet Type: 
Domestic short hair
Psychogenic alopecia

Looking back over the summer, Llani is a really good example of how responsive cats can be to acupuncture. She first presented in May this year. She had experienced military dermatitis triggered by a flea bite in February and although this had been addressed and her skin was no longer inflamed, she continued to over-groom. Her owners felt that some building work that was happening at home may have been contributing to her behavior.

On clinical evaluation she showed a significantly thinned coat with broken hairs over her dorsum from the level of T12 to S3, over her flanks and affecting her ventrum. The hocks were also affected. As mentioned above the skin did not appear to be inflamed or thickened and there were only one or two small abrasions on the ventrum. There were no obvious other abnormal clinical findings on clinical examination. She is a lean cat but not underweight.

We commenced acupuncture treatment. Initially she had three weekly treatments. After two treatments her owner reported that she was much calmer at home and that her grooming behavior was less obsessive. Her coat had started to grow back, most notably on the left flank.   At five weeks post commencement of treatment which coincided with five treatments, her demeanor had continued to be calm and her haircoat appeared almost normal. The pictures accompanying the text demonstrate this.  

At the time we also discussed behavioral therapy which can be a valuable adjunct in such cases. The use of Zylkene was also worth consideration. Feliway plug-in was already in use in the house.

She has not required further acupuncture since her fifth appointment in June but if required she may attend ‘top-up’ sessions at her owner’s discretion.

Llani on 21st May after two acupuncture sessions



Llani on 29th May after three treatments



Llani on 12th June after five treatments