January 2017

Pet of the Month: 
Charlie Griffiths

Charlie, a 4 Year 8 Month Old Golden Retriever, has been coming to the Smart Clinic since being referred to us last August to help manage his recently diagnosed hip dysplasia.

At the time of referral Charlie was not a particularly active dog and preferred to lie down rather than stand for any length of time, although was previously willing to go on upwards of eight mile walks. Contributing to this, aside from the hip dysplasia itself, was Charlies weight. At his first appointment he weighed more than 41kg, when we estimated his ideal weight to be nearer 35kg. His owners had already started him on a weight management plan and we reinforced this at this first appointment and stressed the importance of achieving the necessary weight loss to optimise his treatment at the clinic.

Charlie starting attending the clinic as a day patient so that we could maximize his treatment sessions throughout the day as well as further target weight loss. Charlie responded really well to treatment and loved staying with us for the day-though he isn’t the biggest fan of treadmill work! He quickly started building endurance and has consistently lost weight, with the very rare occasion when little treats had ‘slipped’ back in!

Now, in the New Year, and only 5 months after starting treatment with us Charlie has conquered Pen Y Fan!! His owners sent us the picture included here and we couldn’t believe it! He is like a different dog compared to when we first met him. He has now lost over 4kg in weight and is going from strength to strength! Charlie has been a complete pleasure to treat and we couldn’t be prouder of how far he has come-conquering mountains!! Well done Charlie smiley