Grace Jones

We would like to say a huge thank you to the fabulous team at the Smart Clinic, Swansea. Grace, who is 12 years young, has been transformed by the expert and caring help of the team at this clinic. She is back to being her cheeky, chatty and agile self and it is so wonderful to see. She can move around so much more freely and is going on her climbing expeditions around the house again - so, so pleased. It is amazing what physiotherapy and alternative therapy can do for cats and Grace has also managed to ditch any medication thanks to the superb improvement with this approach to her arthritic problems.  She looks forward to seeing this wonderful team and having her acupuncture and then "talking" through her treadmill sessions. She has gone from strength to strength and all thanks to these wonderful experts who care so much...... works cannot express our thanks for giving Grace her youth and mobility back - thank you all xx