Why are Cats different?

Cats are solitary hunters and it is essential for cats to maintain their territory. The core territory is the area where cats feel safe to eat, sleep and play (the home). The hunting range is the area where cats hunt and which they mark and defend against other cats or other intruders.

The SMART clinic offers a feline-focused approach for the rehabilitation of musculoskeletal conditions in cats. We recognise that cats are naturally a very athletic species and our feline mobility-impaired patients have very specific needs. Musculoskeletal pain and restricted mobility often leads to stress and negatively affects the wellbeing of our feline patients.

Rehabilitation and mobility management plans

We offer a complete management plan for our feline patients and tailor our treatment approach to the individual needs of each cat.

  • Veterinary assessment of pain and musculoskeletal function Multi-modal medical pain management
  • Acupuncture
  • Manual therapy by our veterinary physiotherapists
  • Exercise therapy in clinic (many cats learn to walk on our treadmill)
  • Treatment modalities (therapeutic ultrasound and laser therapy)
  • Individualised therapeutic home exercise plans specifically for cats
  • Advice on creating an environment that is suitable for the mobility-impaired cat
  • Nutritional advice and management

We have introduced separate waiting and treatment areas for our feline patients.