August 2013

Pet of the Month: 
Ruby McLaren
Ruby Sunbathing

Ruby, a 5 year old female neutered miniature dachshund, sunbathing 

Ruby started coming to the clinic at the beginning of May of this year following surgery on her spine in April at Langford Veterinary Hospital, she had lost functional movement in both hind limbs.

Initially our main aim was to facilitate gait re-education through reinforcing patterns of appropriate functional neuromotor recruitment by working in the aquatic treadmill-at first it was necessary to assist Ruby in these sessions. These early sessions were encouraging and Ruby was able to initiate movement in both hind limbs. Ruby started to attend the clinic as a day patient with us twice a week so that an intensive programme of rehabilitation could be instigated during which time we also developed her physiotherapy programme as appropriate to include acupuncture, soft tissue work, heat therapy, tse therapy and therapeutic exercises.

Although Ruby’s response to her rehabilitation programme was initially very encouraging her progress over the following 4 weeks was frustratingly slow, with functional movement that was present during her aquatic treadmill sessions not being simulated on dry land-until a turning point just 4 weeks ago-with the anticipation of ball playing (a previously unknown love) Ruby started to walk unassisted in and out of the treadmill!

Since this point Ruby has gone from strength to strength and this has been matched by her emerging character-she has been much more animated during her visits at the clinic and has claimed the water treadmill as her own-voicing her disapproval whenever we are treating other dogs in her ‘toy’.

She is now spending much more time up on her feet and exploring the clinic during her exercise sessions-more work is still needed to help develop her gait and control of her walking but she has improved brilliantly during the last couple of weeks and has become a firm favourite at the clinic-well done Ruby smiley