April 2014

Pet of the Month: 
Smarti Jones

Smarti, a , 4 year 5 month old female Border Collie, first started coming to the clinic in the August of last year. Since then her progress has been impressive to say the least-working hard not only during her sessions at the clinic but also with her home exercises. Below is a write up by her owner Leslie highlighting the work that they have both put in to improve Smarti's fitness.

"Last August I took Smarti to the Smart clinic after she went lame in her right hind leg.  Smarti  is a small collie and we compete in agility in the large height classes.  After going there for a few weeks I asked Lowri for more ideas on how I could help Smarti and try to reduce the risk of her going lame again.  She suggested that improving Smarti’s fitness would help her.  Running with Smarti was one option, although the thought of going running didn't really appeal to me.  Another suggestion was going out on a bike with Smarti, I quite liked the idea of this (even though I hadn't ridden a bike for over 20years!!)  With some help from my friend (getting me back on the bike) and getting Smarti confident along side the bike, our training began :-).  We started off doing approximately 2 miles, keeping Smarti at a steady trot, I aimed to do this twice a week.  Then built it up to 4 miles and now we are cycling 6miles in a session!! We started this back in December and Smarti loves it. She happily runs alongside the bike wearing a harness attached to a bungee lead to take any strain off her neck."