Animal Physiotherapy

Animals, like people respond to physiotherapy. The purpose of physiotherapy is to restore and maintain mobility, function, independance and performance. Physiotherapists are specialists in assessing joints amd soft tissues. Treatments availale at the clinic include:-

  • Hands-on techniques - mobilisations, massage, myofascial release and stretches.
  • Exercise therapy - rehabillitation programmes, core stability exercises, sport-specific training.
  • Electrotherapy - ultrasound, muscle stimulation, TENS (Transpinal Electrical Nerve Stimulation machine) & TSE (Transcutaneous Spinal Electro Analgesia machine).
  • Advice and education - environment, behaviour and lead walking.

Amanda, our Chartered Physiotherapist,  is a member of ACPAT, which is the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy.